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  public art + planetary ecology  
public arts commission is dedicated to a public art and politics that respects planetary ecology.  Ecology is the discourse of relationships between organisms and the environment.  Planetary ecology is the discourse of relationships between organisms and the environment pertaining to the planet. 

Climate change as a result of increased carbon emissions in the atmosphere is without a doubt one of the major challenges we face.  As weather catastrophes become increasingly severe and common, public arts commission is committed to rebuilding and rebuilding in ways that respect planetary ecology. 

Rebuilding means rebuilding our infrastructure with green technology as well as rebuilding our art to create a greater imaginary around ecological concerns.  Art can give us deeper understandings of how we impact the planet, both positive and negative.  Public art can relate such understandings to how they impact ordinary citizens.  Therefore, it is incumbent on public art to inflect on how we impact the planet to develop the kind of imaginary necessary to cause the political change we need to rebuild our society to reflect the respect for planetary ecology we desperately need. 

While immediate relief in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma as well as the wildfires in the western United States is necessary, such catastrophes offer critical moments to decide how we want to rebuild.  Ironically, a hurricane strengthened by climate change caused devastation to massive oil refineries and a city whose sprawl eliminated about the only drainage system the city had for massive rainfall: prairies.  In the efforts to rebuild, public art can play a critical role in avoiding the kind of ecologically-blind development at the heart of the devastation.   public arts commission will support a public art that reflects the respect for planetary ecology any rebuilding efforts need. 

To better articulate the ways public art can better support a respect for planetary ecology as well as support deeper understanding of planetary ecology, public arts commission is happy to announce it is launching a program called public art and planetary ecology. We will have more information on the program public art and planetary ecology in the near future.

To be absolutely clear, the future of current and future generations depends on our respect for planetary ecology as we rebuild.

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