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public arts commission will develop and sustain a number of projects beyond political campaigns.  The projects are meant to dialogue with political campaigns, connecting everyday practitioners of art to the representatives that affect the laws governing art.  The public arts commission projects include:

  1. link - PAC journal
    a quarterly online journal called public arts commission journal (PAC journal) will discuss critical issues in support of greater public art and publish artist projects about public art.  Each issue will feature two reviews of public art, two essays on the intersection of art and politics particularly of or relating to political campaigns and their impact on art and vice versa, and two artist projects about public art.  The journal will release new issues in September, December, March and June.

    public arts commission will select contributors for each issue whose work intersects art and politics.  The editorial collective features members whose expertise in art and/or politics have made considerable critical impacts towards greater democracy and have remarkable editing prowess.  public arts commission journal will attempt to pay editors and contributors for their work.

  2. link - PAC exhibitions
    public arts commission will organize and curate exhibitions of art about public art that intersect art and politics.  The exhibitions will attempt to re-imagine the possibilities of public art from a critical position. 

    As they focus on art and politics, exhibited works by public arts commission will focus both on the politics of public art’s public as well as the art of public art’s politics.  The purpose of the exhibitions is to present how artists whose practices represent critical contributions to the discourse of contemporary art and art history inflect on public art.  Artists for public arts commission exhibitions are selected by a curatorial group for their critical contributions to the discourse of contemporary art and art history as well as interest in greater public arts.  Members of the curatorial group for public arts commission exhibitions are selected for their ability to organize shows at the intersection of art and politics and interest in greater public art.

    The exhibitions will fundraise and attempt to pay the participating artists for their work.  public arts commission will attempt to organize two exhibitions throughout the year.

  3. link - PAC research
    public arts commission seeks to publish research on the relation of public art to the world through the development and organization of research fellowships.  The research fellowships will cover the economics, politics, environment, culture and history of public art.  public arts commission will grant fellowships to researchers with proposals and work that demonstrates deep investigation and relevant topical analysis to the mission of public arts commission.

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