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public arts commission seeks to endorse candidates for public office at all levels of government and ballot initiative from across the United States whose campaign values will help redefine art’s relation to the public for greater democracy within and outside art.


An endorsement by public arts commission is the first step in public arts commission providing campaign support.  Campaigns endorsed by public arts commission share public arts commission’s values and goals and fit the criteria of public arts commission’s campaign endorsement terms.

After receiving a public arts commission endorsement, public arts commission will provide promotion through the web and social media.

public arts commission may also provide on a race by race basis:

  1. Grass-roots fundraising
  2. An article about the campaign published in PAC (public arts commission) journal
  3. GOTV texting

who can nominate?

Candidates may self-nominate or have their nominations come from the nearest approximate public arts commission office/group.

Ballot initiative nominations may come from the groups supporting the initiative or a lead organizer.

where to make the nomination?

public arts commission seeks to support local, grass-roots organizing.   At this time, our main office is in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area.  While we work on establishing local offices in every state, interested parties in nominating a candidate or ballot initiative must answer the applicable questions on the form by following the link

llink - campaign questionnaire

when to make a nomination?

Endorsement requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the candidate’s election or ballot initiative vote in order to be eligible for an endorsement.

our nomination process

public arts commission seeks to support leaders whose values support a greater political imaginary that will support a greater public art for greater democracy within and outside art.

start a public arts commission office/group in your state

To start a public arts commission office/group in your state, please contact stephen dewyer at


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