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Chief of Staff

open 21 July 2017 - filled


  1. The Chief of Staff will
    1. have experience and an interest in working in art and politics, being well versed in both
    2. have interest and experience working in public art
    3. have obtained a B.A. or B.F.A.
    4. have preferably obtained a graduate degree related to art and politics
    5. have strong interpersonal skills
    6. have interest and experience working with diverse groups


  1. The Chief of Staff will
    1. work with the public arts commission Founder and staff on project and operational support
    2. attend all-staff meetings
    3. work with the Founder on scheduling meetings
    4. lead and manage projects and operations from start to finish
    5. acknowledge public arts commission’s Bylaws, public arts commission’s Conflict of Interest Policy and public arts commission’s Mission
    6. work with the public arts commission Founder and staff to delegate work assignments, distributing work and responsibilities among staff in order to further public arts commission’s mission
    7. handle different classifications of information and use appropriate discretion on the distribution of information
    8. maintain staff records
The Chief of Staff is an unpaid position with the potential for a salary with the growth of public arts commission.  The position is an opportunity to grow with the growth of a very new and ambitious organization.

Please email stephen garrett dewyer, Founder of public arts commission, at with your interest and curriculum vitae or résumé. 


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